Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Oliver, Lauren. Delirium. New York: Harper, 2011.

Annotation: Magdalena finds herself counting down the days for her procedure to cure her from contracting the disease, love, until she meets Alex who opens her eyes an entirely different life she never knew existed.

Book Talk:
Lena is nearing her 18th birthday and is waiting to receive the cure that will prevent her from contracting amor deliria nervosa, love. Soon she’ll be paired with a husband the scientists see fit for her and assigned a life to live free of pain. Until she meets Alex and discovers what amor deliria nervosa really is.

“It’s not until I’ve been lying in bed for a long time, shivering, aching, missing him already, that I realize my aunt and teachers and the scientists are right about the deliria. As I lie there with the hurt driving through my chest and the sick, anxious feeling churning through me and the desire for Alex is so strong inside of me it’s like a razor blade edging its way through my organs, shredding me, all I can think is: It will me, it will kill me, it will kill me, And I don’t care.”

Now Lena must face the choice of living her assigned life or trying to escape her world, something punishable by death, but is living a life free of love or pain really living at all?

Amazon’s Best YA Novel, 2011
Amazon’s Best Teen Book of the Month, February 2011 Book of the Month, March 2011
New Atlantic Independent
Delirium is the 1st book in the trilogy. Keep an eye out for Pandemonium (out in 2012) and Requiem (out in 2013). 

Take a look at this book trailer for Delirium.

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  1. My friends are important to me and when these characters have this strong bond it makes me think that I’m not that different from them in their feelings.
    -Gladis, 15