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McCafferty, Megan. Bumped. New York: Balzer+Bray: 2011.

Annotation: Melody was raised to be a teen surrogate to infertile adults trading a life for money, cars, and tuition, her twin Harmony was raised as a Christian against getting bumped. These two lives change as they reunite and discover that they’re not as different as they believed.

Book Talk:
What if being a pregnant teen came with tons of perks including an increased social status rather than hardship and snickers? In Melody’s world it does. After 18 people are infertile and that means when you’re a teenager pregging is the thing to do and adults pay you to have their babies.

Why not? I won’t be using my uterus for anything else during those nine months! So that’s how I was the first girl in my class to go pro and sign on to be a surrogate. About a dozen girls at my school followed my lead so far, with more trying to land contracts every day.”

But Melody can’t bump with anyone, she has to get matched, feelings don’t matter- or do they? Maybe it’s different for her twin sister, Harmony, who grew up in a God loving society. With no concern of getting bumped for someone else she is engaged. Harmony found her sister with the hope of introducing her to God, but what happens when these two reunite? Who converts who? Find out in Bumped.

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Look for the sequel Thumped in April 2012!

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  1. I read your book talk about this book and I'm really interested in reading it now. It almost seems like that's what our world is going to come to one of these days.
    Alondra Sophomore at PHS 15 yrs old