Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping You a Secret

Peters, Julie Ann. Keeping You a Secret. New York: Little Brown and Company, 2003.

Annotation: Holland Jaeger discovers her true identity after she meets and falls in love with an out and proud lesbian transfer student.

Book Talk:
Holland is balancing homework, work, college applications, friends, and a boyfriend as a senior in high school when she first spots Cece an openly gay transfer student. When she realizes that her thoughts about Cece sound more like a girl crush she begins to question her sexuality.

After admitting to herself she is a lesbian, Holland and Cece begin a relationship of liberating love, but how liberating can it be if no one can know about it? In an effort to avoid cruelty from others at school and keep her to herself Cece convinces Holland to keep their relationship secret. Find out if keeping your relationship a secret is really Keeping You a Secret.

2004 Stonewall Honor Book
Best of 2003 Young-Adult Books, Borders Books and Music
2003 Lambda Literary Award Finalist

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