Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amos Fortune free man

Yates, Elizabeth. Amos Fortune free man. New York: Puffin Books, 1950.

Annotation: Amos Fortune went from being a king in his African village to a slave in the United States eventually buying his freedom and gaining respect from all in his town through a life of honesty and good deeds.

Book Review:
At-mun was ripped from everything he knew his family, his village, and his people as a young king in Africa only to be sold as a slave in America. His will power to not succumb to despair in the painful voyage is admirable but pails only to the gracefulness with which he chose to carry the rest of his life. Being given the name Amos Fortune due to his incredible luck that began as he was bought by a Quaker who taught him to read and write, Amos dedicated his life to others. In this simply written biography we see a young man grow from king, slave, servant, to a free man that never ceases to be riddled with positivity and giving regardless of his situation. Amos’ spirit is one that transcends ideas of race and money teaching us all that freedom comes from living a good life regardless of the circumstances.

Newberry Medal, 1951
William Allen White Children’s Book Award, 1953

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